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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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police blamed a fall small group of demonstrators for turning people protests into violence. >>: reporter: the pattern we see here and ferguson is by a peaceful by night it has taken a turn for the worse. last night police here are trying something new. they listed a curfew. that led to a another chaotic night in the streets of ferguson. >>: were going to do this together. this was emotional. >>: reporter: these people are again being hijacked by a small group which they call the
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violent applicators. it came after a peaceful night of protest that ended. authorities say people were shot overnight police and another 40 was arrested. they threw contel bottles and rocks at authorities tried to provoke them. >>: we defined analysts and define what we are going to do here. >>: reporter: if the officer that police say shot and killed michael brown they want him arrested. were here for mike braun in were not one to let inside traders come and and the straight arm movement. i'm determined with the forces that we are working with that we are not going this. >>: glasses have been canceled for the rest of the week. >>: reporter: coming at the
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time for the community is the attorney general will be visiting here tomorrow to meet with the community leaders and also the fbi. >>: james: they're asking protesters to remain peaceful and saying that the violence is only undermining the justice. >>: president obama: we've all seen this law enforcement in the streets there is a mass majority of people that are peacefully protesting. it's also clear that the small minority of individuals are not. i did stand that the passion and anger of the riots over the death of michael brown. they enter this anger by looting or carrying guns and even attacking the police only to the have intentions on starting chaos.
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>>:: kid here the on the latestr the ferguson shooting. you'll find information on this president as he struggles to find the role and the ferguson crisis. >>: the developing story that were falling out of the no. they were the wreck of a small plane has been found. this is a picture of the plane that crashed. they reported having engine trouble in the air traffic control and radar lost contact with the plane after that. the pilot is the only person on board and the plane is registered to a pilot in redwood city. they can't get to the wreckage at this point. we have a live report here at the scene who says it's a very rugged area the pilot took off from san carlo and was found their way
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to oregon. >>: east this is where they ended up going down into the hills and the walker creek area about 8 mi. west of the vital air strip. >>: let's care look at the weather and traffic. >>: george: the east bay in the north bay there was an accident early this morning and some late will work on 80 west bonds at ashby avenue in berkeley road. look at this backed up along the shore free way it was already backed up into richmond for the west bound 80 ride. >>: george: normally debt at this hour of the morning that drive would only be about 11 to 12 minutes. there is a big backup and the delays already reporting to do to san pablo
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ave. this is not take long for this to get clobbered. we are still delayed along the waldegrave 1 01 south zombie.. e was one early this morning at the traffic now backed up over the wall built great. despite the heavy traffic on the east shore freeway the metering lights were still activated. we are already backing up to the west bound 80 ride. >>: george: drive times our arctic up over 16 minutes and the a 80 approach is starting to back up as well. >>: james: we have clouds streaming over san for cisco and the rest of the bay area for that matter. some drizzle is also being reported. the cloud
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cover is likely one to stay with us for parts of the bay area all day long. succesduring the early morning hours falk and drizzle. >>: james: as we head towards noon the clouds will begin to clear slightly. and still run the mid-60s for the bay. it is we had an 23 in the afternoon we will cease on your conditions. the bait in the coast are going to be partly cloudy. will look for temperatures to stay relatively mild throughout the week. : >>:: charges are filed against operators of a slaughterhouse. it's due to a major recalls will have the details coming up. a elementary school was burglarized twice. was the
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forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. >>: tracking is lower than usual ride with one no one southbound with traffic backed up all along the waldegrave. only recently cleared from the traffic lanes that's why it's
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still slow up and over one no one saw it all. >>: were learning more developing news out of san jose were police are looking for the driver who pay a man and took off last night. the victim has serious injuries and could die. >>: welwill: so much as happened over the last 20 minutes they told us that the second victim right here at oldham around 830 last night said he had died. and then five minutes ago they sent an e-mail say there's a little bit of confusion that he is still alive with life-threatening injuries. here's video of the scene. we do know that the man was not in the crosswalk at this time. >>:will: the driver should have pulled over instead he kept on going. he should have
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significant front and damage. this latest accident was one block away from a previous accident that happened less than 24 hours before that. we've had a chance to talk to the san jose police department this is what they had to say about the string of accidents. it let >>: it was a horrible tragic incident. it's not even been 24 hours from 1 to the other. >>:will: here's the scene of the second accident in that case we do know with certainty that it was a 51 year old man he was riding a bicycle and there is still some dispute whether he was in the crosswalk at the time or not. it's the same situation and will ever hit them should have pulled over but did not. in that case it was a dark cover. >>:will: that's the previous
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accident on summit. look how close than is at that intersection there is a crosswalk no crosswalk year but still a lot of people very nervous around here. according to the business is a this area is full of accidents. a lot of times people are not paying attention for pedestrians and the drivers as they crossed the street. >>: the timeout is 613 will be back with more developing news with weather and traffic in a couple of minutes.
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>>: were falling a developing story out of marin county right now they found the wreckage of a small plane that crashed. here's a flight plath on flight to where it was a single engine beach track. it reported trouble about 930 last night. they were fined two san carlos from orient. you could see the turn that he made to try to head towards the knox field. >>: buddy crashed about 8 mi. from the airport. the plane was registered to a man and redwood city. we are live on the scene with the jackie sissel gathering more information.
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>>:anny: fergus and misery is trending on social media across the country and also here in the bay area this morning. here is the latest information on the protest. two people were shot but not by police officers. they arrested 31 people at least. they add, tells bottles and officers file back wit, a magazr from some bearing on this is a trade bonds a mother. in her letter to the brown family she's said that she offered advice on how to deal with being on spot light and how to honor his memory.
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>>: 617 is the time right now will get too caught up with the weather and traffic this morning. >>: george: will have better news for the bulk of them we started to clear up the drive along interstate 80 as the accident west bound has gone down. traffic is starting to return to normal here. it is backed up along the upper and lower short freeway. the drive times which has spiked at 26 minutes are back down to 20 minutes 3. san pablo ave is a old cement which is badly jammed up. >>: george: were no longer backed up into sole toledo over the south from one no one ride. organa take a look at the bridges for you. we dare look first at the bay bridge commute
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despite the problems on the east shore freeway the bay bridge backed up very early this morning and is already sally backed up into the mcarthur maze . highway 24 is already looking at 20 + minutes drive times for the west bound ride. >>: george: the salmon take umbrage is between 92 problem free but the drive times are at 15 minutes over the san mateo. the tram for the golden gate bridge has no problems here across the span and the crews have finished with the reconfiguration of the lane's. they were a little delayed this morning because crews were responding to the accident at the waldegrave. >>: james: are malta am cam is looking out on to the rise in. we of the sun rise in the making their with those clouds in the distance. we have some high low clouds as well. here is and what it looks like on the
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satellite rate our views. this cloud coverage is bay area wide. >>: james: this is the deep inland communities that we will see the break in it. with some your skies but the rest of us will see mostly cloudy. it's been staying in we are one to see that ocean breeze in the mari is already causing problems at sfo. sfo is seeing some problems now with a low cloud deck. here are the temperatures. : >>:. the widespread low sixties drop the east bay and the south bay. it should warm-up to the upper 70's and 80's in general. 85 for evergreen and 86 for the allman valley. it's partly to mostly cloudy for most of our communities close to the bay. inland will get up to about 86
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maybe 88 degrees. 85 in livermore the low eighties for the san ramon valley. >>:: james: and the north bay or seen the upper 70's and the wine country. 75 percent rose up. 70 around the bay forecastle keeping pretty much on par for tomorrow. thursday and friday were warming up a touch and mild weather once again for the weekend ahead. >>: mark: the small school is a short of supplies. there were burglarize not once but twice. >>: reporter:: on the principle of criminal laker school. this is my kron 4 story. >>: our school was broken into on the 31st of july and again
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on august 12th. we sat supplies taken and computers including paper and pencils and scissor spirit the second time the school was robbed they hit the p e closet. everything we need to start a new pe program is gone now. >>: they think they're just robbing the school when they are really driving the children. it works really hard to make sure that the students feel safe in their own neighborhood but there's one to be that occasion 0 per cent for whatever reason and get is to set us back a little bit. >>: if i could talk to the
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person who broke in here where ever you took really there's not a market for it. >>: mark: if yet school supplies or sports equipment to donate you could contact the school in hayward and let them know. in your community if you would like to have us investigate you can submit your ideas on our web site. >>: if you're heading back to school this week we want to see your kids all ready to go to class you could send us your back-to-school pictures at kron 4 doc,. we will post these on our web site as well as our facebook and twitter pages.
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showing the flight path of that plane heading toward san carlos tried to make that turn. it appears the crash about 8 mi. a fourth. >>: those of you and the san road you are about to be assembled and you're going to be subject to arrest. please get out of the roadway. >>: that was the scene again last night in the st. louis suburb. they are still on the streets marking the latest protest against the deadly police shooting of an on armed
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to black teenager. 31 people were arrested. the highway patrol was now in charge of the city is calling on protesters to only come out through daylight hours. their centers are truly peaceful. >>: i'm not going to let criminals that come out here to live in this community to define the neighborhood and define what we're going to do to make this right. we want the officer arrested. were here for mike braun and were not to let inside or outside and the traders come in and destroy our good movement. >>: the school has been cancelled for the rest of the weeks and the national guard is on the scene. >>: james: rig began with a sly look for malta and it's a great looking shot here. the marine layer here is on the ground. you
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get a few breaks and that's what we're seeing with this live picture from our roof camera pre-empts this o. study of thish u.s. and collect on the windshield here with temperatures in the '50s. >>: james: 93 this afternoon are sunshine will be confined basically in the delta and the livermore valley wineries of that area will be on the mild side a lot of seventies and low eighties for the majority of the day. what happens after that at 645 will have the extended outlook. >>: george: we started this morning with hot spots in the e sure freeway in traffic is still
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slow on 80 west bound and there is no longer any obstruction this is more than it should be for this time of morning. for the normal commute it was typically the 26 to 28 minutes commute time for this drive.
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>>: if you're coming from 24 you could spend as much as 20 minutes in this backed up. >>: mark: does in the kron for inside argentina there was a crash that killed two of france's is great nephews and their mother. it happened early this morning the oldest of the children was only 2 years old and the other eight months. sa the pulse nephew did survived the accident. meanwhile " francis is endorsing the use of force and i want to stop islamic militants from attacking religious minorities. :. >>: reporter: i underline the
6:37 am
word stop i did not say bomb i say stopped by some means. with what means can they be stopped these have to be evaluated. >>::: his the visors are considering whether he will go to northern iraq to show solidarity. >>: another world news the developing story and israel and the militants are saying that three rockets have been fired from the gaza strip. the three rockets landed in open fields this morning egypt has been trying to broker a long cease- fire to end the war. more than a month of fighting after 2000 palestinians have been cut get the palestinians continue to break the cease-fire.
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>>: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news for tracking and accident now on the salmon to your bridge west bound on highway 92. it's not on the bridge but it is on the approach. the three plans are blocked. take a look at the camera at the 700 bridge toll plaza. you'll see that the traffic has become very light here in the west bound direction. >>: if you want a program that
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has any longevities you must hire me as your no sir. jeopardies still on the air. now that i've done saturday night life. >>: everybody recognized his voice for years on game shows and saturday night live. he has jusfour years he was used to introduce the cat for saturday night live. he passed away at the age of 96. hey pal? you ready?
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can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good.
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>>: in the latest people behaving badly segment sideshows and oakland set some drivers heading for the sidewalk watch the full story on kron 4 doc,. >>: james: were sick a live look care with a light cloud cover out there it looks like it'll be with us for most of the day. i also want to show you the live shot from montana. held this
6:47 am
afternoon for the santa clara valley and mild in the east bay. its low 80s to the san ramon valley. it's basically from conquered all way down to pleasanton. the line >>: james: oakland right in the mix of 72. it's mostly cloudy for a lot of our shoreline communities and coastline communities. >>: james the law: country is looking afternoon highs of 71 this afternoon. more of the same
6:48 am
temperatures tomorrow they may warmups' slightly thursday and friday. miles stable weather ahead. 647 were and handed over to george for the morning commute. >>: george: the approach to the san mateo bridge and highway 92 in hayward. this is west ball at wilder wrote. we have an accident blocking or three lanes of traffic. this is late to affect the commute coming over from the mimics freeway and 92 west bound on 880. because of this this started to slow of traffic on to the san mateo bridge. so that the rest of ride here can suddenly become much lighter but the overall drive time out of here word is getting slower. >>: george: celotex a little pressure off of the bridge but it doesn't save much of the drive times. looking at your
6:49 am
right to the east shore freeway interstate 80 in the west bound ride is still backed up an early backed up here because of an earlier a crane accident from the 5:00 hour that was at ashby avenue even though it was clear the traffic is backed up from a poll for the west bound ride. >>: george: even with the problems on the e short freeway and has not hope this commute it backed up into the mcarthur maze . we're looking at 20 + minutes drive times and 80 is backed up over the westbound lanes. for your trip to the golden gate bridge we have early morning problems. the 101 ride tamarind is problem free but the sonoma county ride is heavy through petaluma on 11 south on. : >>:. stanley roberts filed this
6:50 am
video on instagram as a car is doing donuts on the golden gun bridge. it was posted yesterday's in the caption says " my sunday with was better than yours. >>: every year in south of inventors show off their creations at the san mateo. the maker madness is and one hour special that looks of our creative makers this year. here is a sneak peek. >>: that's right i am in a cupcake car that drives. as it had a dream like this one time. a friend of ours had this idea to make the pastry inspired genetics cultures. there rolling art. they all have different
6:51 am
tops this one is fiberglass. this one is a new old pop side chair that was converted. they're all decorated in different ways and they all have different ways of moving around. most people get a giggle all of that. >>: right now under the law on highway one no one and see a cupcake freely. >>: you can check out the madness on friday. and also on sunday will air it from 7 to 8. another night of violent protests. this was 10 days after the scene was shot and killed by
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gabe: a huge data retested and place in hospitals across the country. they have had to millions of private medical whether that that's-records. this old data on 5 million patients. they got their names and addresses birthday's the telephone numbers and social.
6:56 am
numbers. the cea test will contact 4.5 million who have had their medical data compromise. they also said they will be the victim of the free and credit monitoring for a year. most of ca test locations are in the east or south there's only three california locations. >>:gabe: the fbi is investigating they believe that hackers are based in china. >>: the process and ferguson missouri is turning onwe see t's surely. but for someone to tell you what happened overnight. two people were shot and 31 arrested. then what afor police
6:57 am
officers were injured by rocks and bottles. the national guard is in the area now but they're keeping their distance for now. the general air of folder is planning to this go to ferguson tamara to meet with the fbi and other officials. here's a look at some of the tweet set coming across this morning in response to this protest. this person and thomson s.a. " no one deserves to be treated like an animal. they must respond not react. there's more on this story out kron 4 doc,.
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the small plane crashes and the north bay and were live on the scene with the latest. another night of arrested people in missouri after a protest quickly turn violent. >>: an; george: the ride to the san mateo bridge has earlier current problems in iran and on the east shore the accidents themselves have gone. 92 was that color road a vehicle-as a three vehicle accidents is blocking the three left and lane's. but it is


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